Tuesday, 27 November 2012


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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Update 20/10/12 - Go North East

The new Volvo B5L / Wright hybrids are due to enter service on the 21 on
Monday. Steven Hodgson was present for a photo shoot at the Angel of the
North using 6061 (NK62CJE). Further examples delivered are 6056/65/8

Mercedes Citaros 5275-83 (NK07KPG/J/L/N-P/R/T/U) are all now at Winlaton
on the Blaydon Racers services, displacing dual-door Volvo B10BLE /
Wright 5151-9/66 to Percy Main. In turn, standard Volvo B10BLE / Wright
4915/7(X915/7WGR) have moved to Winlaton, Dennis / Plaxton SPD 8214/6
(V214/6ERG) to Deptford and 8215 (V215ERG) to Gateshead. SPDs
8158/205/7-11 (S358ONL, V205/7-11ERG) have been withdrawn.

Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 3914 (R554LGH) is a third example to
go to Nightingale, Stanley.

Bazza Houston reports that DAF SB120 / Wright 8266 (NK04ZNE) is now at
Saltmeadows in white for recently taken-over Metrocentre service S1.

Volvo B7TL / East Lancs 3974 (PJ02PZA) is now at Deptford in exchange
for 3981 (PJ02PZH) now at Chester-le-Street.

The recently repainted Scania L94UBs are now receiving Highwayman
branding and former Highwayman DAF SB120 / Wright 8261 (NK04ZNC) is now
in Northern red as illustrated by Bazza Houston.

Update 20/10/12 - Arriva NE

MAN EcoCity gas-powered demonstrator WX61FXO is on loan at Darlington
ahead of 11 similar vehicles joining the fleet in January, as
illustrated by Ian Charlton, Bob Laycock and Steven Hodgson.

The movements foreshadowed in the last update happened around two weeks
later than expected. The transfer of VDL DB300/Wright 7618/9
(NK61EBG/J) to Durham has allowed several diagrams on the X1/X2 to go
double deck, usually emplying such vehicles.

Steven Hodgson reports that disposal-listed MPDs 1702/28 (T702RCN,
V728DNL) are in use at Jesmond and Durham, respectively and that 1734
(V734DNL) continues in use at Darlington.

Update 20/10/12 - Stagecoach NE

Chris Redpath reports that Volvo Olympian / Alexander 16704/5/7/30
(N704/5/7/30LTN), Volvo B10BLE / Northern Counties 21101-3/5
(P601-3/5JBU), Volvo B10BLE / Alexander 21136/7/40/2/3/5/6/8/9/52/8
(R236/7/40/2/3/5/6/8/9/52/8KRG) and Dennis Dart SLF / Alexander
33126/467/827 (R126KRG, R467SEF, R827YUD) are now all listed for disposal.

Volvo B10M / Plaxton 20265 (R755RPY) and Alexander bodied 20839
(P839GND) have been sold to Trevor Wigley.

Steven Hodgson notes that South Shields based Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton
35191/3 (NK56FFM/O) have been repainted in a slightly revised style
with, unusually, white lining around the bottom of the rear orange
swoop. Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 19214 (NK57DXA) is now adorned with
a giant Daniel Craig.........

Update 20/10/12 - Lee's, Durham

Joe Curry reports that 70-seat Leyland Tiger / Plaxton B592UWW has been
added to stock, while existing 70-seater Volvo B10M / Berkhof 720HKH has
been spruced up.

Update 20/10/12 - Alan Madrell, Darlington

Joe Curry reports that Volvo / Van Hool A15AVT has been replaced by a
Jonckheere bodied machine that has taken on that registration.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Update 05/10/12 - Stanley Travel, Oxhill

In use here ex Jim Stones, Glazebury is Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MH07EPY.  This would appear to have previously been registered either JB51BUS or BUS1N.  Also here are Volvo B7TL / Alexander V211LGC and ex Connect Transport Optare Solo YJ61JHV.  Thanks to Steven Hodgson for this.