Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Update 06/03/12 - Go NE

Bazza Houston passes on that DAF SB120 / Wright 8244/5 (NA52BUW/VC) have
moved from Gateshead to Deptford, displacing Dennis / Plaxton SPD 8203
(V203ERG) to Saltmeadows. Volvo B12M / Plaxton 7087 (NA52RMZ) and Volvo
B12B / Plaxton 7091 (NK54WMM ex CU7661) have been withdrawn following
changes to National Express diagrams. Dennis /Plaxton MPDs 487/90
(V187/90ERG) have been sold to Ensign.
Bazza also notes that DAF SB120 / Wright 8252 (NA52BVJ) is another in
lilac at Deptford. Steven Hodgson reports that DAF SB220GS / Plaxton
4866 (S866ONL) is repainted in a similar shade of green to the SPDs that
used to be on the Lambton worm.

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