Monday, 19 March 2012

Update 19/03/12 - Go NE

Bazza Houston reports that DAF SB120 / Wright 8242 (NA52BUU) has been
transferred from Gateshead to Deptford, while SPDs 8219 (V219ERG) is at
Stanley and 8223/6/7 (X223/6/7FBB) are at Percy Main allowing the
withdrawal of Dennis Dart SLF / Caetanos 8279/85/6 (T426LGP,
V435/6KGF). SPDs 8172/3 (S372/3ONL) have been transferred from Deptford
to Chester le Street and MPD 510 (X551FBB) is temporarily in use at

Ernie Robson reports that 4862 (S862ONL) is another repainted green.

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