Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Update 02/05/12 - Arriva NE

Ex Scotland Dennis Dart 44006 (X524GGO) is now in use at Darlington as
1505 as illustrated by John Robinson and two more are there numbered
1503/8, though their exact identities are not known (and the 15xx
fleetnumbers now allocated do not appear to match those applied at
Arriva Scotland West before they renumbered them into the 44xxx

Jesmond Optare Solos 2504/5 (Y294/6PDN) were due to swap with
Darlington's 2868/9 (YJ11OJD/E), though 2504 was rejected by Darlington,
returning to Jemsond and Darlington repainted 2868. Bob Laycock
illustrates 2505 working in Darlington.

Steven Hodgson illustrates that Scania Omnicity 4644 (CX05EOW) is now in
use at Durham.

Steven Hodgson reports that MPD 1758 (NK53HJA) is now at Ashington, ex
Redcar via Durham! This has replaced sister 1707 (V707DNL), which is
now listed for disposal. Further Volvo B10BLEs refurbished and
repainted are 4501/17/8/23 (V501DFT, W293/4/9PPT), some of these kindly
illustrated by Steven Hodgson.

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