Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Update 29/05/12 - Arriva NE

Bryn McGloin, Andy Lancaster, Alex Kennedy, Steven Hodgson and others
report that further ex Arriva Scotland West Darts in use are Plaxton
bodied 1501/2 (X475/8GGO) at Durham, 1510 (X532GGO) at Darlington and
Caetano bodied 44060 (Y40TGM) at Redcar. Also, 1515 (X538GGO) is on
loan to TGM Classic. It would seem that the Plaxton bodied examples are
now in the process of being re-re-numbered into the 13xx series in order
to free-up the 15xx series for any future additional VDL SB200s. As the
Ashington pair 44007/16 (X527/6GGO) have never carried their 15xx
numbers, the will presumably default straight to 1307/6.

Steven Hodgson reports that Optare Solo 2504 (Y294PDN) is now in
interurban liver and fitted with an LED destination display. Volvo
B10BLE refurbishments now additionally include 4512-4 (V512-4DFT).

The Aycliffe & District Group's ex United Bristol LS / ECW coach 304GHN
emerged from Jesmond's paint shop on Saturday, resplendent in olive and
cream. This is expected to be one of the stars of the group's rally at
Locomotion in Shildon on 29/07/12, which will be the focal point for the
celebrations of United's centenary.

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