Friday, 29 June 2012

Update 29/06/12 - Stagecoach NE

Volvo B10BLE / Alexander 21156 (R256KRG) was breifly in use at Stockton
last week, while MAN A69 / Alexander 24109 (NK09FLZ) was at Walkergate
for crew familiarisation. This is presumably related to the anticipated
temporary transfer of eight similar vehicles from East
Midlands/Yorkshire to the North East during the Olympics, along with
five Scania-based Envrio 400s.

Dennis Dart / Alexander 32786 (P786WVK) continues in use, while various
reserve B10BLEs continue to work hard.

During one of the recent Metro strikes, South Shields loaned Volvo
Olympian / Alexander 16831/3 (R831/3OVN) from Stockton and the latter
was used on the X34, as illustrated by Steven Hodgson.

Steven Hodson illustrates a new offside allover advert on MAN 18.220 /
Alexander 22021 (NK03XJM) for Gateshead College.

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