Saturday, 28 July 2012

Update 28/07/12 - Go NE

Newly delivered and under preparation for service are Volvo B9TL / Wright 6043/4 (NK12GCO/U), as noted by Bazza Houston. These wear a metalic red colour similar to the existing Geminis, but with a large gold X over much of the side, which will presumably be a key part of the branding.

Bazza also reports that Wright Streetlite DF demonstrator ERZ2028 is on loan at Deptford.

Recent repaints noted by Bazza and myself are of Volvo B7TL / East Lancs 3968/72 (PJ02PYU/Y) into Northern red, Scania L94UB / Wright 4932/5218/27 (Y432ERG, NK54NVO/WA) into light green and DAF SB120 / Wright 8245/6 (NA52BVB/C) into lilac.  Scania L94UB/Wright 4990/5211-4/7 are now branded for the Prince Bishops. Steven Hodgson kindly illustrates the revised Red Kite branding as carried by Scania Omnicity 52398 (NK56KHG).

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