Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Update 27/03/12 - Arriva NE

Funding has been won for service 308 Newcastle - Blyth to be converted to hybrid operation with new Volvo B5L / Wright and for Darlington local services 2, 11 and 12 to be operated by new bio-methane powered MAN Ecocities - see http://www.arriva.co.uk/arriva/en/media_centre/press_releases/2012/2012-03-23/ for more information. Further vehicles from Arriva Scotland West now on the official allocation are Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton 44003/4/6/8-15/53 (X481/5/524/9/31-4/6-8GGO, S643KHN) and Caetano bodied 44060/1 (Y40/50TGM). Most of the ex ASW vehicles would seem to have been sent to Thorntons of Ashington, though 44007 (as 1518) and 44016 are in service at Ashington, while 44009/11 are parked up there and 44053/60/1 are parked up at Jesmond. Not on the official list, but present at Ashington by Saturday was Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton 44042 (S632KHN). Redcar's summer loan vehicles to cover for the increase in PVR on the 93 are Optare Prisma 3007 (N807XHN) and DAF SB220GS / Plaxton 4044 (S344KHN). Scania Omnicity 4645 (CX05EOY) has joined 4643 (CX05EOV) in service at Durham, with 4644 (CX05EOW) now at Jesmond for preparation. Steven Hodgson reports that MPD 1719 (V719DNL) has been repainted, while I have noted sister 1740 (V740DNL) in use repainted also. Volvo B10BLE / Alexander 4520 (W296PPT) is another refurbsihed and now in use at Ashington, where Jesmond's Wright-bodied 4514 (V514DFT) is also on loan.

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