Friday, 13 April 2012

Update 13/04/12 - Stagecoach NE

Chris Redpath and Richard Smiles kindly provide the latest official
movements at Stagecoach NE - note that these are not necessarily fully
reflective of what is happening on the street, especially given
Stagecoach's use of reserve vehicles. Volvo B10BLE / Alexander 21145
(R245KRG) is now in use at South Shields in place of accident damaged
Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 27736 (NK11BGO). Dennis Dart / Alexander
32780/6/7/90 (P780WCN, P786/7/90WVK) and Plaxton bodied 32795 (M597SSB)
are now listed for disposal, with Dennis Dart SLF / Alexander 33120
(R120KRG) now at Walkergate and 33124/5/8/489/827 (R124/5/8KRG, R469MVN,
R827YUD) now at Slatyford.

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