Thursday, 6 September 2012

Update 06/09/12 - Arriva NE

New here are VDL SB200 / Wright 1499-505 (NK12FLL-N/P/R/V/W) and these are at Blyth.  They are in the process of displacing DAF SB220GS / Plaxton 4004 (S870ONL) and Ikarus bodied 4074-6 (T74-6AUA) to Jesmond and sisters 4077-9 (T78/9/83AUA) to Darlington, though 4077 has seen use at Jesmond mid-transfer.  In turn, Darlington lose Volvo Olympian 7363-5 (R640MNU, S648KJU, R625MNU) to Jesmond (7363/4) and Ashington (7365) and Jesmond lose Dennis Trident / Alexander 7432-5 (W397-9/501RBB) to Durham.


The ex Scotland West Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton 1301-15 (X475/8/81/5/524/6/7/9/31-4/6-8GGO) are now all in use, with 1301-10 now at Darlington, 1311-3 at Durham and 1314/5 at Belmont.


Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 7501/3-5 (NK57DXX/Z/YA/GWX) have returned to Ashington, sisters 7514/5/7/9 (NK09FMZ/NA/D/F) to Darlington and VDL SB200 / Wright 1429-32 (NK59DNE/F/J/N) to Redcar.  1429 managed to find its way on loan to both Blyth and Jesmond while at Darlington!


Jesmond VDL SB200 / Wright 1498 (NK61CZN) suffered water damage in a recent flood, while their Volvo B10BLE / Alexander 4519 (W295PPT) has suffered fire damage. VDL SB200 / Wright 1419 (NK09EJJ) has arrived from Belmont and MPD 1722 (V722DNL) from reserve, presumably to fill this gap.


MPD 1719 (V719DNL) is now in orange Sainsbury’s livery and at Whitby for a new Sainsbury’s contract. Sisters 1764/8/9 (NK05GWC/G/J) are now at Blyth, as are Alexander bodied sisters 1795/6 (Y258/9KNB).


DAF SB220GS / Plaxton movements see 4060/7/8/72 (S702/9/10KFT, S714KRG) move to Darlington, 4035/6 (R435/6RPY) move to Redcar and 4056/62/9 (S356KHN, S704/11KFT) to Stockton.


Withdrawn are Scania N113 / East Lancs 7259/62/3 (M177/6GRY, N162VVO) and Northern Counties bodied 7258 (N183OYH), plus DAF SB220GS/Plaxton 4058 (S358KHN) and Mini Pointer Darts 1703-5/10/4/20/1/34/5/41 (V703/612/705/10/20/1/34/5/41DNL).


Further changes are expected for service changes in Northumberland on 16/09/12 – these will follow soon.

Many thanks to Steven Hodgson, Bazza Houston, Ray Parnaby, Craig Walker, Neil Wise, Alex Kennedy, Ian Wilson, Bryn McGloin and anyone else who has supplied information used in these updates.

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