Friday, 5 October 2012

Update 05/10/12 - Arriva NE

Several moves were due to happen last weekend, though many seem not to have done as yet.  These should see Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 7518-21 (NK09FNE/F/G/VR) now from Darlington to Ashington, displacing VDL SB120 / Plaxton 1923/4 (YJ57BVB/C) to Stockton and VDL SB200 / Wright 1482 (NK61CYV) and Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 7362 (R636MNU) to Blyth.  In turn, Stockton should lose VDL SB200 / Wright 1492/3 (NK61CZF/G) to Darlington, while Blyth lose VDL DB300 / Wright 7618/9 (NK61EBE/F) to Durham and Durham in turn lose Scania Omnicity 4644/5 (CX05EOW/X) to Darlington.  A minibus swap was also expected, with MPDs 1760/2/6/7/91/9 (NK05GVX/Z/WE/F, NK55MYS, SF04RHA) due to move from Jesmond to Darlington in exchange for Optare Solos 2831/8-40/2/4 (YJ08XBM/U-W, YJ58CAA/O).


DAF SB3000 / Plaxton 1207-9/14 (V207-9/14DJR) are now at Ashington ex Darlington, with 1213 (V213DJR) expected to follow soon once released from accident investigations.  These have been replaced at Darlington by Scania Omnicities 4647/54/6/7 (NK05GXA/H/L/M) from Durham.


Dennis Trident / Alexander 7432-5 (W397-9/501RBB) are now in use at Durham, fitted with LEDs, though rarely venturing far beyond the 63/64 local services.


VDL SB200 / Wright 1418 (NK09EJG) is now at Jesmond.


Dennis /Plaxton MPD 1724 (V724DNL), freshly repaired ex frontal accident damage, is now at Darlington ex Blyth replacing one of its sisters, along with ex Stockton 1734 (V734DNL).  Meanwhile Durham currently have the use of ex Blyth 1728 (V728DNL).


MPDs into reserve are 1723/51/2/4/9 (V723DNL, W752/3/5SBR, NK53VKA), along with longer Dennis Dart SLF 1648 (R423COO).  Further MPDs listed for disposal are 1702/9/28/40/1 (T702RCN, V709/28/40/1DNL).


Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 7410/2/3/4/7 (P410/2/3/4/7CCU) were due for withdrawal in mid September, though several have remained in use since. Also still running, but listed for disposal are Scania N113 / Northern Counties 7258 (N183OYH) and Volvo B10B / Alexander 4537 (L211KEF).


The route branding on the Coast & Castles double deckers has been amended to feature the name of one of the Castles served, varying between vehicles.  Steven Hodgson illustrates this on 7454.

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