Friday, 5 October 2012

Update 05/10/12 - Go NE

New for Angel service 21 are Volvo B5L / Wright hybrids 6057-67 (NK62CCV/Y/EN/FN/JE/J/KC/LZ/ME/YC/YE), in a green and yellow livery.  These are not in service yet, but one is being used for crew familiarisation.  An additional hybrid Optare Solo for the 700 in Sunderland is 640 (NK62DWY), as illustrated by Steven Hodgson.


The final two Volvo B9s for Red Arrows, 6054/5, arrived too late to take up their intended 12-plates and have entered service at Washington as NK62EKD/JF.

Of the Mercedes Citaros displaced from the red Arrows, 5275/6 (NK07KPG/J) is at Stanley and 5279 (NK07KPO), briefly operated from Deptford, but is now at Winlaton along with 5280/1 (NK07KPP/R). These moves are illustrated by Steven Hodgson and Bazza Houston.


The former X9/X10 B7TLs are now distributed around the fleet, with 3941/2 (NK05GZO/P) in silver at Winlaton for the Ten, 3943 (NK05GZR) in Red Arrows livery at Washington, 3962/5 (NK06JXE/B) at Chester-le-Street to support the hybrids on the 21 and 3963/4 (NK06JXD/C) remaining at Gatehsead, 3963 in the new X9/X10 livery and 3964 looking especially smart in Northern red.


A further demonstrator used at Sunderland has been Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 YX61EKO as 9137.


All of the Scania L94UA / Wright artics are back in service at Gateshead.


Scania Omnicity 5250/73 (NK56KHW/KJ) are now at Percy Main, where sisters 5248/9 (NK56KHU/V) have also been on loan. Volvo B7TL / Plaxton 6027 (V327LGC) is now at Washington, while SPDs 8226/7 (X226/7FBB) are now at Deptford and MPD 506 (X506WRG) is now at Peterlee. Volvo Olympian 3925 (R284LGH) has been transferred temporarily from Stanley to Crook to provide a college-related duplicate to the X21.


Volvo B7TL / East Lancs 3967 (PN02XCL) is now at Winlaton as photographed by Steven Hodgson, while sisters 3974/9 (PJ02PZA/F) now carry an overall advert with Northern red front end as illustrated by Steven and Bazza.


The Blaydon Racers Volvo B10BLEs have also been debranded, along with the Toon Link examples.


Volvo B10BLEs 4915/7/9 (X915/7/9WGR) are now in Northern Red as noted by Bazza Houston, while Scania L94UB / Wright 4947/8 (NK51OLN/O) are further examples in Highwayman green.  4947/8 are now at Gateshead with 4915/7 at Percy Main in their place.


DAF SB120 / Wright 8244/5 (NA52BVA/B) are now branded for South Tyne, a special version for service 5.


DAF SB220GS / Northern Counties 4821 (P321AFT) has been withdrawn following engine failure. Withdrawn are Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 3914/9-24/32/6 (R554/7-9, 281-3LGH) and SPD 8201 (V201ERG). Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties 3899 (R257LGH) has been sold to Ensign.

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